alejandra ambrosi

About me

I grew up in Mexico City, a place full of excitement and diversity. Since I was a young girl, my favorite thing in the world was to perform - whether it was to recite a poem or create a Christmas show for my family, I always found a way to express myself through acting. I invented characters and I would play them by myself or with my childhood best friend. We used to perform every lunch break at school - the other girls would sit as an audience all around us while we yelled or cried or pushed each other in a very dramatic and, I must say, comic way as well.

When we got together at home, instead of playing dolls we would each determine a certain role and play it, and then would switch roles and play it again and again. All this happened before I even knew what acting was and before I knew I wanted to be an actor. For me, it was just the best way to have fun. Later on when I joined a theatre group at my University, I discovered for a fact that acting was going to be my life. I was lucky to be part of a theatre group full of such passionate people like me and we grew and learned so much from each other. I would say that group has been one of my most important influences and the core of my foundations.

I then decided to go to the UK and reinforce what I had learned in Mexico. I was accepted in one of the most prestigious schools in the UK, the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. There I became more confident, as they gave me a box full of tools to confront the acting world. But the most important learning experience was to live in another country with a completely different culture. When you play a character, you have to set yourself in a different way of thinking and thus, being. Well, living in another country implies you have to learn another way of thinking and thusÖ

After my studies in the UK I decided to live in NY to continue preparing myself and to begin my professional experience. Iíve always liked to travel, as you open up, and become more flexible and strong, which is what you need as an actor. In NY, I learned the difficulties of the craft and had to face up to big challenges Ė the time taught me to be focused, persistent and developed stamina. I did my first feature film, shorts, a play, and some commercials. Then circumstances brought me back to Mexico City where Iíve been working non-stop doing features, TV series, and theatre. My experience abroad has given me the opportunity to acquire tools in order to adapt to every different situation and grow personally and professionally.

For me acting is my life, my passion - the way I understand the world, others, and myself.